For over 35 years Functional Family Therapy has been helping families, communities, and agencies with an effective, efficient, and successful family based treatment model.  Functional Family Therapy is a well-established, evidence-based family therapy intervention for the treatment of violent, criminal, behavioral, school, and conduct problems with youth
and their families.  FFT has received national recognition for our successful youth outcomes.

FFT Associates is a training and implementation organization representing Functional Family Therapy. FFT Associates approach is based on a long history of evidence-based implementation, research, and practice with Functional Family Therapy around the US and around the world.

FFT Associates provides:

  • Blueprint Certified Functional Family Therapy Training
  • On-going organizational consultation
  • On-going quality improvement
  • Ongoing evaluation of services, model adherence, and client
  • Consultation, design, and implementation of FFT based research and evaluation

For information on Training, Consultation, and Research/evaluation services contact us here:  (click here).

Training, implementation & services in FFT are supported and informed by our Clinical Feedback System.  FFT-Care4 an innovated measurement feedback system that is the basis of training, implementation, research & evaluation and ongoing evidence based FFT Practice.